To get this site going, here is season one of the RfL Animated Adventures. Enjoy!


Episode 1.4 Crazy Daydreams

Episode 1.3 The What Lesbians?

Episode 1.2 Sandpaper Solutions

Episode 1.1 The Classic Joke

The Reaching for Lucidity Animated Adventures is relaunching and here is where you will find all the fun.

Keep checking RfL News for the dates of the relaunch. Over the next couple of days the old episodes will be migrated here for your enjoyment.


What is Reaching for Lucidity?

Eban, the Mondo Maniac Pirate of the R.F. Lucidity

Reaching for Lucidity Productions is a media production and freelance company . We currently produce web radio, Spoken Word Monologues, animation, and Manga style publications.

For clients wee produce audio and animated advertisement and presentation media as well as site design.

We partner with several other professionals to tailor our services to your needs. Check out our portfolio.


Animated Adventures

This is the home of the RfL Animated adventures. The goofy tales of the real Reaching for Lucdiity and life in general.

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